Lil' Picasso

Lil' Picasso is a coloring and creativity package for children.

Your children will spend hours coloring the pre-drawn pictures with a paintbrush of over 300 colors and patterns.

Children can also choose from a variety of drawing tools to create their own masterpieces. Fun, simple to use. Colorful point and click icons make understanding the interface a breeze (ideal for little children who can't read yet).

40 pictures are included (all with wholesome themes). Your child's artwork can be saved to disk or printed.

Comments from our customers:

"My 3 year old loves it! She is learning how to use a mouse rather quickly." (George C., Falls Church, Virginia)

Hardware requirements: An PC computer with a graphics adapter and using DOS 3.0 or higher will run this program. A VGA or SVGA adapter/monitor and mouse are required.

Do you want to see what this program looks like? Click here to view a sample screen snapshot of this program.

To download a fully functional, evaluation copy of this program click on one of the file name(s) below:

Version 1.3 -
LILPIC13.EXE @ - Latest version!

Version 1.3 - LILPIC13.ZIP @ simtel

Version 1.3 - LILPIC13.ZIP @ coast to coast

Note: The EXE file above is a self-installing file for use with Windows 3.x or 95 (approximate size 370k bytes). The ZIP files are archive files that require The UnZip Wizard. and can run under MS-DOS (approx. size 335k bytes).

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