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Here are the things one must keep in mind in respect to using the Teacher's and Student's Editions and the licenses issued for each:

1) The QUIZ.MY and STUDENT.MY files contain your licenses. The information that appears behind the "Licensed to" prefix on the Main Menu of Create A Quiz comes from these .MY license files.

2) Whenever you save a QZ quiz file using a Teacher's Edition, the "Licensed to" data also gets saved into the QZ file.

3) Whenever you open a QZ quiz file using a Student's Edition, this "saved" license information is retrieved from the QZ quiz file, and then compared against the license information found in the STUDENT.MY file. If the license information is different in any way, the Student's Edition will reject/refuse the quiz. In other words, if a Teacher's Edition is licensed to "ABC Corporation - Northwest Division", and a quiz is created with this Teacher's Edition, the "ABC Corporation - Northwest Division" (retrieved from the QUIZ.MY file) information will get saved into the QZ quiz file. If, however, the Southeast Division of ABC Corporation went ahead and also purchased a copy of Create A Quiz Teacher's Edition, and their license was created as "ABC Corporation - Southeast Division", and this "ABC Corporation - Southeast Division" appears on the Main Menu of the Teacher's Edition, then the "ABC Corporation - Southeast Division" information will get saved to any QZ quiz files that this division/section creates.

OK, so let's say the Northwest Division creates a quiz file with their Northwest Division license, and they share the quiz file with someone in the Southeast Division. There will be no problem with this in the Southeast Division as long as the quiz is opened/used with the Teacher's Edition. However, if the Southeast Division purchased a copy of the Student's Edition, the Southeast Division's Student's Edition will refuse to open a quiz file that comes DIRECTLY from the Northwest Division. The same is true if the Southeast Division sends a quiz file created with their Teacher's Edition and sends it to the Northwest Division. The Northwest Division will have no problem opening the Southeast Division's quiz file as long as the Northwest Division opens the quiz with the NW's Teacher's Edition. But, if the NW Division attempts to open the SE Division's quiz file with the NW Division's Student's Edition, the NW Division's Student's Edition will reject the quiz.

If you are totally confused by this, then let's step back and explain the concept with fewer words:

Any Teacher's Edition (regardless to whom the software is licensed to) will open any quiz file. The Teacher's Edition does not care where the quiz file originates from. However, the Student's Edition will only open quizzes that were SAVED by a Teacher's Edition that has a matching license.

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